Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chestnut Cream Cake

Recipe from Alex Goh's The Baking Code. I didn't follow the recipe exactly, the recipe called for chocolate sponge, but i used vanilla sponge instead with chestnut cream layers. I figured that it is nicer combination to have chestnut cream with vanilla sponge rather than chocolate sponge.

This is the first time i am able to frost my cake so evenly without the whipped cream melting on me. That's not my skill or the lack of, which i just found out today, but the type of cream & brand that i use. I never had such great time frosting my cake before at my own pace and not having to worry if the cream is gonna melt soon, so this is the first time and i am thrilled. Even Phoon Huat's Non-Dairy Whip Top Cream isn't as stablized as this "Pour & Whip Non-Diary Pastry Cream". From now on, i am only going to use this Pour & Whip Pastry Cream to frost my cakes - it not only can withstand the heat but also very thick, creamy and smooth but also great tasting - doesn't taste like non-dairy at all!

I am surprised that this chestnut cake is quite good. Actually, i didn't expect it to be good cos it didn't turn out quite the way i expected it and plus i kinna messed up the chestnut puree that i was suppose to pipe on top of the in the end, i had to do away with that and just make do with the chocolate coated chestnuts as decoration (can you can see the condensation on the chocolate coated chestnut..shows how hot our weather is!).



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