Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daniel's Cake

My friend wanted all her husband's favourite things to be incorporated in the cake and wanted them in 3D. I was quite happy with the cake until delivery time. Because the cake structure for the golf bag wasn't strong enough, and while carrying down the stairs and in the car, the structure moved and caused the bottom tier of the cake to crack and the entire cake sank 3 inches to the bottom. Thank God that the fondant didn't crack that badly and i was able to patch up a bit. But the cake ended up looking like saggy old bag with a heavy bottom. I was sooo upset and disappointed with myself for not going with my instincts that the structure wasn't strong enough.  I told my husband 5 times that I think the rod isn't strong enough but he kept saying it is OK and reassured me that it will be alright. True enough, my worse fears happened right before my eyes, the cake cracked and moved.. my heart sank  and i almost cried.

My friend was very nice about it and comforted me and she just called to tell me that nobody at the party noticed the golfbag cake sagged until she mentioned it. But honestly, I'm still feeling quite lousy about it.  My heart ached further when I saw the after party photo of the sagging cake and tilting to one side.  I think I'll need some time to recover.. 

Everything is made with edible material. The golf bag, notebook, and keyboard all are made of cake, sushi is made with cakeballs, xrays are handpainted gelatine sheets and the rest of the stuff made with gumpaste and RKT.

Side View of the cake

details of the cake

details of the caviar, bellini with caviar, sushi

details of the sugar rose, golf clubs

Lesson learnt:  Trust my own instinct and always insist on a stronger structure when everyone else say otherwise...cos only I know how my cake is going to turn out... I think I should learn how to do carpentry work too instead of relying on others.... lol!

I planned to bake this week's HCB cake but i think now i'm too sad & disappointed to want to bake anything after my golfbag cake sank... 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Food (Frederick) Cake

This is what i have been doing and preparing hence unable to bake my weekly HCB assignments...getting all the gumpaste ready to harden and dry..which takes longer to dry in our climate. 

I've been asked by my friend to make a cake for her nephew's 21st birthday and she told me that he loves food. Hence it's all about food.  My friend said i have include pocky, lobster, sushi and an assortment of other food if possible. 

Everything is made from edible material, including the disposal box, sauce containers, green leaves.  Pocky and Chicken Nugget is hand-painted.  I was looking for sodium alginate to make fish roe or shall i say juice caviar..trying my hand in molecular gastronomy or trying to copy Heston Blumenthal..hahaha.. but i couldn't find such chemicals here..(even normal antibiotics are not allowed to be bought over the counter unless with doctor's to buy chemicals?!). Thus, i had to crack my head and used a more economy way of making tiny gummy balls instead. :D

The cake almost left me in tears..don't know why the cake kept breaking up and i couldn't get the pocky cake to stand upright...thankfully i had extra cake and remade it again..but had to make it bigger than what i had planned in order for it to be sturdy enough to stand.

Thank God everything turned out well in the end. I did pray very hard. :D  And God gave me a verse in Philippians 4:6-7.  "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. "


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