Monday, September 26, 2016

TBB: Bourbon Pecan Balls

I made these at the same time I made Double Chocolate Oriolos earlier in May 2015. These are super easy to put together. If you are using store bought wafers, even easier!  I love the addition of Bourbon here. I'm not a drinker but I like addition of some alcohol in my baked goods. It gives that extra flavor. 

These are the Double Chocolate Oriolos cookies I baked earlier. 
They are so good on their own! I was actually pretty sad to have to blitz them all in the food processor.

Getting ready my Bourbon! :)  

Blitz the Oriolos.... and transfer it out to another bowl.

Blitz the pecan nuts, cocoa powder & icing sugar. 

Mix the cookie crumbs and pecan cocoa mixture together and stir with wooden spoon!

This is hard..took forever!! I got impatient and put the mixture into mixing bowl and mix with a paddle instead! 

Bourbon all mixed in and rest for a while. 

Roll them into balls..i used a tiny cookie scoop..probably 10g each instead of 20g and coat with sugar. 

Coating with sugar..again for 2 time before placing onto a container lined with kitchen paper towel (with packet of silica gel underneath)

All done and ready to rest in fridge overnight. :) 

These are so good that you can't stop the subtle bourbon flavor the end notes. :)  
One container went to my daughter's office and everyone loved it. 


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