Monday, October 26, 2015

TBB: Cookie Strudel

One Word: Delicious!! 

Monday, October 12, 2015

TBB: Fudgy Pudgy Brownie Tart

I forgot to take in-progress photos..

All I can say the tart pastry is very easy to make but it melts super quick! I had to fight with the heat... of course the heat won but it is ok since I just press back whatever that broke along the rim of the tart pan.  

This is very easy tart to make..the only more finicky part is the pastry.. but it's not that hard either. This tart shell is quite forgiving..and more like a cookie dough.. and did I  mention this chocolate dough is also very tasty.. I ate some raw dough ..couldn't help it!  

Took out the tart shell in the freezer (resting for 3!) and pour the chocolate brownie mixture directly onto the frozen tart shell. 

I purposely over baked 10 mins more..or was it 15 mins more. I wasn't sure if the frozen tart shell needed more time to bake through. Also I noticed the tart shell had lots of oil seeping out at the bottom of the shell and also bubbling oil on top of the brownie too. Like it's still uncooked.. so I left in oven longer but still not much difference. Lots of oil seepage.  

But when I took it out from the oven, the oil dried up a bit. 
So I think must be this recipe has lots and lots of butter..and chocolate oil!  

Very yummy, moist and fudgy brownie tart.
It didn't dry up at all even though I overbaked 10-15mins..
Very rich and very chocolatey.. 

Oh..this below is the extra cookie dough..i just pressed onto the tray and baked it for 15mins.. I'm eating this now as I am typing this post.  I really like this cookie... would be a great recipe for chocolate roll cookies.   Actually I like this cookie a bit more than the brownie itself.. ;)    

Monday, October 5, 2015

TBB: Banana Split Chiffon Cake

Great flavor.  However I find it is not as light and moist as I am used to...I find it a bit on the dry side for chiffon cakes.  But it taste perfect with ice-cream and ganache. So it is definitely as it's name suggest - a Banana Split Chiffon Cake. 


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