Monday, November 23, 2015

TBB: Spritz Butter Cookies

I made these cookies early since I had left over glace cherries after I soaked the fruits to make Rose's fruitcake from HC. So many you get the idea this is really my favorite fruitcake. :) 

These spritz cookies fairly just the usual creaming method..

Then I piped..and put half glace cherries on top.

And bake for 12mins.  

I really like how it is not as sweet and the sweetness comes from the glaced cherries. 

Not sure if I am imagining it or what, but these cookies creamed with granulated/caster sugar, somehow traps moisture.. my cookies turned soft even in air-tight container. I was expecting "Viennese Cookies or Danish Butter Cookies type of cookies - dry but yet still melt in mouth texture"...  But these spritz cookies tasted more like "soft rolled sugar cookies".. still taste good though, just not what I imagined it to be.  So I was thinking perhaps these cookies if made with icing sugar would be better?   

Anyway, I just have to remind myself when I eat the cookies that these are spritz butter cookies and not Vaniljekranse Danish butter cookies so I shouldn't expect them to be the same...  :)

Danish Cookie Recipe 

Monday, November 16, 2015

TBB: Hazelnut Praline Cookies

So far I have yet to come across hazelnuts with skin.. all the hazelnuts I see here are all blanched.. thus I just toasted the hazelnuts to bring out the flavor. Then make the you can see below.  

I pulsed in the food processor a lot of times, but this is the best I could do.. not really like the description as "powder".. if you think would expect something like very dry and powdery. This is not even close to powdery..  After I made double batch of dough because pointless for me to keep half of this powdery praline since I have no idea what to do with it...  

I used the tiniest cookie scoop to scoop out 10g. I had to work fast..cos the dough melts super fast! So I didn't have any time to take's like rest in between to take photos! 

Here are the cookies.. Like Marie said, burn fast in must check at 10mins.

Taste wise: Really crispy and I love the texture.  It's not so sweet which is also a plus point and has caramelized hazelnut flavor.  I would think these cookies will be even better if coated with melted chocolate. But I'm lazy to temper chocolate.. so maybe next! 

Monday, November 2, 2015

TBB: Marble In Reverse with Custom Rose Blend Ganache Glaze

I made this cake during the beta testing..and everyone loved it. And made it again for some gathering also. This is an amazing soft crumbs, light and tender...and buttery at the same time.  So this is my 3rd or 4th time making this cake, so I am kind of bored with it... so as I was flipping over the pages, I saw the Pink Lady cake (izzit?..the one with fondant covering) and what intrigue me was the recipe is the same as Rose's white velvet cake/cupcake recipe except it uses all egg yolks instead egg curious how it taste like, I baked it too and then any how sandwiched between the marble! ..

I decided to bake the marble cake in round tins.  One was ok, but the other one with more chocolate sank in the centre a bit ... I suspect I didn't mix in the melt chocolate well enough to even it out.  I tried to bake 2 cakes (marble & pink cakes) in under an hour. because I wanted to watch the korean drama episode coming up on TV the end, I missed the full episode except the last 10 mins.. :(   

Removed the crackly top... very messy.. isn't it? 

Next morning, I frosted the cake.  I forgot to take photos...because again, I was rushing to do everything under an I had to bring my son out before 11:30am.  Well, I was slightly delayed again and left the house only around 11:45am. 

Here is the insides of the cake..if you are wondering how Rose's pink cake looks like. The pink cake her friend likes.. I forgot who.. is it Flo? I have to go home and read again. 

I sliced it really very 1/4 inch thick.. so that everyone can have a slice. I think a proper wedding cake slice is! 
Looked quite pathetic? 

You can see some ganache in the centre between the slices..Only very thin layer of ganache between layers except the part where there is a dip in the cake layer..

This is my share..half of that 1/4 inch...

Everyone likes the cake esp. the marble cake. Me too. I liked the marble cake too. If you haven't made this yet, please give it a try. The marble cake in HCB is also very good too..less chocolate, but taste equally amazing.

The pink cake is a denser and sweeter too...and probably why Rose chose it for fondant covering too. Taste similar to white velvet cupcakes in HCB..and between the yellow cupcakes and the white cupcakes, I prefered the yellow cupcakes too.   I find the cake texture and taste is better with sour cream than with milk..perhaps the cake taste sweeter with milk.  It is possible to make Rose's white cake with sour cream instead of milk? Next time I'll try.  I'm still searching for the perfect white cake to my tastebuds..


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