Wednesday, January 20, 2016

TBB: The Renee Fleming Golden Chiffon (Chanukah)

I made this for my son's birthday on Christmas Eve.  We celebrate his birthday twice, on Christmas Eve with my siblings & their families and 2 days later with only our own family on his actual birthday.  When my son was growing up, I wanted to re-enforce that December is his birthday month, so we celebrate his birthday twice. After 20 years of trying to teach him calender, somehow one day he finally understood the cycle of calender. He now knows day, date and month. Also weekdays are school days, weekend no school days..and Sunday is Church day.   Progress is slow, but at least there is improvement and growth.  Now we are trying to teach him time... or perhaps he knows but just not able to tell us?     Sometimes he surprises us when he speaks or his reaction seems to understand what we are saying when we assumed he doesn't.  

Slice of the cake

The cake fell down from the pan when I was cooling it upside down and stuck to the table. (I didn't line the pan) I dare not move it to wire rack... only after it cooled down, I moved it to the cooling rack.  

I used self-rising flour cos I wanted to finish up the flour which was expiring soon.

I'm surprised my cake didn't shrink as did shrink overall a bit but not too much and thus a nice height. 

Made the lemon curd. Very yummy! 

Cut the cake into 3 layers.  I put some lemon curd on each layer followed with the lemon curd whipped cream. 

Lemon curd whipped cream - so delicious on it's own.

Happy Birthday! My son closes his ears every time we sing birthday song. He gets overwhelmed with our voices.  He also refuses to blow his birthday candles every year, but he blows every single candle he sees when we are restaurants,  hotels, department stores.. sometimes he does it too fast before we can stop him .. and we just have to apologise to the shop keepers. Did I mention before that once I brought him with me to Laduree and he blew out all candles on display while I was picking out the macaron flavors?  I was able to carry him away when he does that as a little kid, now is impossible since he is bigger than me!

Simply decorated cake with his favorite candy M & Ms.  :)  

Adults like the cake very much. 
My grand-niece (my niece's daughter) said the cake is too sour for her. But my toddler grand-nephew (my nephew's son) ate the cake happily. :) That little boy sure has sophisticated palate! 


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