Monday, January 23, 2012

Cake Keepers Cake: Chiffon Cakes

Made chiffon cakes from the book Cake Keepers Cake. Love her chiffon cake recipes!  Very soft and moist.

This is the first chiffon cake i made and the reason why it became this way is not because i didn't bake or cool it properly. I did!  But i found out that the culprit is my new 3-legged pan (my old pan didn't have any legs..hahaha)!!  It is not a good idea to cool the pan using the 3 legs because the weight of the centre might be too heavy for the cake causing it to collapse and fall out!  The best solution is always invert the cake onto a bottle right in the centre tube focusing the weight on the centre instead.  This way, the cake will not fall out.   Ask me how i found out..  

And because i was trying to conclude if my theory was correct, i proceeded to bake 3 more chiffon cakes.. LOL!  Green Tea Chiffon, Lemon Chiffon (again! since the above collapsed for nothing due to the stupid pan!..hahaha) and Banana Walnut Chiffon. 

I proved my finding correct after all my 3 cakes turned out alright and didn't fall out of the pan!  :))

Green Tea Chiffon, Banana-Walnut Chiffon & Lemon Chiffon.  Flavor wise, Lemon Chiffon still taste the best, followed by Banana Walnut Chiffon.  As for green tea, i think i didn't put enough green tea powder so the taste wasn't as strong as i would like it to be.   Texture wise, these chiffon cakes are wonderful, moist and fluffy.  

Loving the above chiffon cakes i made 2 weeks back,  I decided to make mango chiffon using the base recipe for Chinese New Year.  I replaced the liquid portion with mango puree.  However, I think i didn't put enough mango puree because the mango flavor was too subtle for my liking. Maybe next time i should add mango essence as well.   But the next day, the mango flavor seems to have deepened and taste stronger... 

Mango Chiffon Cake in my cake container/carrier. Loving this cake container/carrier and so far the best i've seen by far. This is the only cake carrier that i found that is air-tight and tall enough as well.  In Singapore, everything needs to be airtight, least the ants will find its way into the container.  

Mango Chiffon cake..oh..with some nuts..i think it's hazelnuts and walnuts..i just added in any crushed nuts that i had available..LOL!

Wishing everyone a Happy & Prosperous New Year!


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