Monday, November 14, 2016

TBB: Chocolate Sweetheart Madeleines (P391)

This is a quick and easy recipe. Very easy to put together.  I didn't have mini madeleine pans so I used the normal size ones.  

I tried to weigh the batter into each cavity, but I realised that 16g is too little, so I increased and filled it to 3/4 full so I ended up with exactly 20 pieces.

Just out from oven! 
However, I'm a bit disappointed that they are 'humpless' which is the characteristic of madeleines.

Removed from pan and cooling... 

I dusted with some icing sugar and sandwich 2 madeleines with ganache instead of glazing it. 

The Chocolate Madeleines tasted like chocolate cake than madeleines...and no characteristic hump! 

In fact, it tasted more like whoopie pies and that is why I sandwich 2 madeleines with ganache.

It's a wonderful and easy recipe and the chocolate cake is moist and soft.  But to call it madeleines, I'm not sure about that... 

That said, I would still make it again anytime since they are easy to make, delicious and easy to eat too in bite size.   

Monday, November 7, 2016

TBB: Prune (Mango) Preserves and Caramel (Dulce De Leche) Cream Cake Roll (p105)

This is only half the roll...

Plums yes, Prunes no. I don't hate it in general, I can still eat them but given a choice, I would pick other dried fruits, like apricot or mango. Thus, I substituted the prunes with dried mango instead. The flavor is not so mango-rish, but more citrus-y.. maybe I added too much lemon juice! lol!  

I didn't follow the instructions in the book exactly for the sponge cake.  I saw on the photo that it's a very thin cake roll and I like my cake roll (we call it "Swiss Roll" here..) to be a bit thicker..and fluffier. So I added some oil and water making it more chiffon like... my pan is slightly smaller I naturally it will come up a bit taller, I figured. 

Baked for 15mins and cool it upside down.

After cool, spread Mango preserves

I have a can of Dulce De Leche in fridge, so lazy me, just used this instead of making caramel. 

No photos of the whipped cream because somehow after I whipped the cream, it melted really it was quite a mess trying to roll the cake with soft cream.  I ended up putting the whole cake roll in the freezer wrapped in cling wrap.  I rolled the cake length way..and maybe added the difficulty.. 

Below is the frozen cake. Quite good in fact..still soft in freezer and the cream taste like! 

Of course I added more vanilla ice cream on it.. and drizzle plain ganache which I had in fridge.  

My husband likes it a lot. The citrusy tangy mango preserves blends very well with the cream and ice-cream.  Perhaps next time if I make it again, I should just wrap it with ice-cream instead of whipped cream - just like the classic Artic Roll cake which I love.


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