Monday, June 1, 2015

TBB: French Orange Cream Tart

My family loves oranges. We have oranges in our pantry 365 days. Actually, we have apples & grapes too 365 days. That's because these are the only fruits my son eats..and since he hardly eats vegetables (except for cauliflower & carrots which we 'hide' in his rice..anything green he will start spitting out or refuse to eat), I try to include more fruits in his diet.  It's even harder to introduce new food to him esp. he is an adult now and I cannot force him to try new things. But he is gradually maturing and is willing to try similar food. When he was younger, he would eat fried chicken at home but he refused to eat fried chicken anywhere else just because maybe the way it looked.  Even now, he would eat the same packet of potato chips but he will refuse to eat a bigger-sized same design packet. He only wants that 100g bag chip.   His food choice is very limited..and his diet now is still very much like toddler food.  So what we eat when we travel revolves around him. 

I digress..

This orange tart is amazing!  So intense orangey flavor! I can't get enough of it. This is my favorite tart so far.  The tart shell is awesome. Usually tart base will not be as crispy but this was very crisp even the base..all the way. So good! I didn't want to share this tart away. I kept this tart at home so I can as many slices as I can. LOL! 

My son's favorite shopping center is currently renovating their food basement, he is pretty upset that McDonalds and Supermarket is no longer there.  So every Saturday he still insists that we go somewhere else for McDonalds. After his lunch, to go back to the same shopping center to walk around his favorite party shop, toy shops and department store.  After he has to go to another location for that same branch supermarket... Now I spend more time outside than at home...having to travel 3 places with him.   That shopping center better have McDonalds and Supermarket after renovation!!! 

Now I have to bake weekend after work, instead of every Saturday.

I made the crust on Monday night. The weather was so hot - I read it is because of El Nino. Despite the hot weather, somehow I  managed to get the butter blended into the flour quite well and the butter didn't melt. And the pastry came together easily. I used sour cream instead of heavy cream because I had left over sour cream. And it was still a bit dry, so i added a tsp of Vodka and it was just right. Place in fridge overnight.

On Tuesday night, I rolled the dough...and I didn't turn on aircon so I had to roll faster than the butter melting.  

I managed to get into 12" round. But I had a hard time flipping this thin dough over the 8" pan without breaking!! I had the plastic wrap under and when i flip over the 8" pan the sides starts to tear..OMG! I had to quickly flip back over and onto the table again. Then this time I just flip it over to the tart pan directly and it was ok. Slight crack at the sides which was caused by the tear earlier. I just pressed into place. Next time I think I better just flip onto the tart tin directly! 

After I wrapped with plastic wrap and into the fridge to rest overnight.  Oh ya, I didn't have a lot of dough left...just a tiny bit. Maybe I rolled too thick? 

On Wednesday, I took out the chilled tart shell and place the pie weights on it. I can't find my coffee filter...don't know where I kept I just crumpled a piece baking paper instead. 

After I removed the pie weights and bake again, the tart shell can see the gap.. (please mind the gap.. recently 2 women accidentally stepped into our subway train station platform gap and had their leg stuck there until help came...must have been quite painful).  Looks a bit over baked....:P

Next to make the filling. I reduced the juices via microwave.  The only thing is I don't know how to gage to reduce it to 86g or 6 tbsp. I stopped once to measure and it was still 140g or there about and then the next 2 mins, it was less than 86g! Thankfully I had little orange juice leftover and I microwaved that to half and added to make 86g. I always thought reduced orange juice will be bitter. In fact it wasn't. This is such a good way to get intense orange flavor! :D  Thanks Rose!  

Added the cream & egg mixture and pour into the tart shell. I was expecting more filling because I thought my pan was around 9" (not 9.5") and the fact that the tart shrank too. But the filling was just right! Yippee! :D

Baked for 40mins and custard all set. The thin baking sheet warped when I placed in oven and the filling was not even..,lopsided slightly to one side.  Place into fridge overnight. 

Thursday night after work, took the orange tart out of the fridge and sprinkled half tablespoon of powdered sugar and the powdered sugar disappeared  immediately. LOL!  I think must be the condensation formed on the cold tart (the cold tart vs the warm room temp..lots of condensation!) that melted the powdered sugar. I sprinkled half more and it was disappearing again... Photo below taken by my helper when I was trying to fix the blow torch to get ready to torch the sugar - by the time I turn around, I can't see any more sugar on it..I tried to torch it..but nothing happened..I wasn't sure if I was cooking my custard or burning the sugar...haha  

Then I sprinkled some granulated sugar. I didn't want to sprinkle lots because I was worried it might be too sweet after all I had 1 tablespoon full of powdered sugar earlier. So you can see the photo below..there were bits of sugar here and there. I tried to caramelize the sugar again but seemed like nothing was happening, more like I was burning my crust and cooking the surface of my custard instead.  Ok..I admit, I am afraid of the fire's very scary with the fire blowing out like that... I remembered my mom telling me never to play with fire.... 

After 5 mins.... I gave up! LOL!  
I just can't wait to eat the tart!

Tart, half gone!... So good! My helper and I had seconds.. I always cut her a bigger I think she ate 1/4 of the tart.. After she told me she is very full. LOL!  

My daughter was still at work... and at around 10pm  I posted this photo below to tempt her to return home earlier instead of working till 11+pm every night.  

I managed to get the hard caramelized sugar... (not really caramelized enough..but the hard crunchy texture is there) ..with that 2 shards of round sugar thingy...that must be the area I sprinkled more sugar...

My daughter came home after at 1030pm and tried it and said she liked it too. Creamy, orangey and the tart shell perfectly crisp. She liked the crunchy top sugar on it. She must had the slice with caramelized sugar on it.  My husband said it is very good too and he said he would have liked it better with ice-cream. My daughter and I disagree...we like our orange tart as it is...with just a bit of whipped cream. :) This way you get to taste the orange citrusy flavor.  

The tart was made on Wednesday night. We tasted it on Thursday night and my daughter ate the last piece Saturday. 3 days in the fridge and the tart was still very good...and the crust still crisp, no lost in flavor. And the hard sugar on top was non-existence in my case after the next day which was ok for me.  

I was wondering if Rose has a chocolate tart shell recipe? Orange goes well with chocolate, I wonder how this will pair with chocolate tart base?  

----2 weeks later----

*PS: Today while I was having my duck salad & escargot lunch, I watched a pastry chef torch creme brulee. He took out the creme brulee from fridge and used a paper towel to press the surface of creme brulee for at least 5 mins.  I was wondering why he needed to keep pressing the plate for so long... and then I realised he was trying to keep the surface as dry as possible before he sprinkle sugar on top and torch it.   I should have done that! Next time... wipe the surface very dry first!  And I watched him put a lot of sugar on top of the creme brulee .. no wonder .. I only added a tiny bit of granulated sugar (after the powdered sugar dissolved in the condensation)! Of course nothing happened! Well, I'm glad that I didn't burn my orange cream instead. LOL!  


Vicki on June 1, 2015 at 11:09 AM said...

Your tart looks so good! I dropped off some to my brother and told him it was okay to eat for breakfast since it had plenty of egg yolks and orange juice!
Have you seen this cookbook?

It's how to hide vegetables in food so kids will eat!

If you make it with a chocolate crust be sure and post. That sounds really delicious.

Unknown on June 1, 2015 at 12:52 PM said...

Wonderful post !! Your tart looks brilliant :) I like the slightly smaller pan size, it looks more generous. I always have been suspicious of the that "crack" between train and platform ;) -Jeniffer

Angie Schneider on June 1, 2015 at 7:06 PM said...

You have a little picky tester at home :-))
That's a gorgeous tart, Faithy.

orins goodies on June 3, 2015 at 9:58 AM said...

I agree with you this tart is worth keeping to yourself..;-) your tart came really nice....I hope your son will one day agree to new flavor and food...

Rose Levy Beranbaum on June 4, 2015 at 12:19 AM said...

i think that fine layer of crunch on the top is just perfect! duck salad and escargot!!! you do eat well as well as bake superbly. yes--the pastry bible has a chocolate cookie crust--page 280.

Kimberlie Robert on June 4, 2015 at 2:38 AM said...

Really great post Faithy. I loved the tart as much as you do. I also notice you are using a pastry cutter. How do you find it compared to the food processor? How does your pastry turn out? You have an adult son? In your picture, you look like a teenager!

Milagritos on June 4, 2015 at 9:13 AM said...

What a wonderful job despite El Niño causing butter havoc but I'm glad you loved the tart as well!


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