Monday, September 14, 2015

TBB: Pepparkakor

I have no mood to bake lately. Partly due to being fatigue all the time. Also the Haze is back again and the air quality is quite bad. Everyday I wake up in the morning feeling ok, but towards the afternoon, my throats feel sore sometimes sore throat and sometimes not. Not sure if I should take medication for or I just keep drinking lots and lots of much so I feel so bloated that I don't feel like eating anything either.

I was half-hearted making these cookies. Not sure if I wanted to make them..the steps seem so fussy...have to get a cardboard round local terms we call it 'laychay" (maybe it is a Malay word?). Very troublesome...but in the end I made the cookies anyway. Typical Singaporean...complain this and complain that...everything must complain, but still end up doing it anyway... lol! 

I used half molasses and half golden syrup because there is no Grandma light molasses anywhere or everywhere.  The dough is very ugly looking... I forced myself to take a photo of it.  I just anyhow wrap entire dough with cling wrap and chill it. Thereafter rolled into 3 mini logs the dough was melting quickly..

I doubled up the Cayenne pepper to 1/4 tsp... I think maybe I put in 1 tsp of ground black pepper actually..I remembered I didn't reduce the black pepper...since my helper helped me grind more than the required amount, I just dump everything into the dough.  :)

Took out the dough logs from freezer and they melted quickly. I had to fight against the heat. As I was cutting it, the bottom part melted a bit and stuck to the cutting some broke and I had to press it you can see how out of shape my cookies are...  I sprinkled both raw sugar and pearl sugar. 

The cookies puffed up a bit when baking.. so they are pretty crisp and fluffy if cut thin. Those I cut slightly thicker, has a nice soft texture like gingerbread. I can't quite make up my mind which one I like better, the crisp ones or the softer ones.  Actually I like them both.  I also like the heat that hits me towards the end.. both the cayenne pepper notes and also the black pepper bits. :)  

Despite all my complain about how fussy to make and also how ugly the dough, cookies look etc.. these cookies tasted wonderfully delicious. So lesson not judge the cookie by it's!  I would make it again..and the next time I make, I will not be complaining as much,...I think. LOL!


Rose Levy Beranbaum on September 14, 2015 at 11:25 AM said...

i love the way you write! and i'm so sorry you are not feeling 100%. i hate the feeling of constant tiredness which i am also experiencing through no fault but my own working night and day on the recipes for the next book and trying to keep up.

Vicki on September 14, 2015 at 11:31 AM said...

Your cookies look fine to me! Oh darn! I was going to put in the cayenne but forgot to reduce the black pepper so didn't! Maybe next time because even though the dough is in the freezer until tomorrow, I love that word, laychay. That's just how I felt about making them but once I got started, they were so simple I thought I must have left something out! Why is the air so bad in Singapore? You can't believe how awful it is here with the fires.

Tony Bridges on September 14, 2015 at 11:54 AM said...

Peggy Pegs, You are my Hero..You don't feel rightly question what is called for because you are an Alpha Baker and you don't feel your best but yet you wanted to understand to produce the best you could be in this moment; ..In life we all have road bumps, but as my personal hero, in awe, I solute you...Thank you so much for being such a dedicated Alpha Baker today and tomorrow Peggy Pegs

Angie Schneider on September 14, 2015 at 5:08 PM said...

Sorry that you haven't felt very well lately. The colour of the cookie dough might not be the prettiest in the room, but I love the earthy after baking.
Thanks for sharing, Faithy.

Kimberlie Robert on September 14, 2015 at 7:25 PM said...

Hi Faithy. Long time that I've left a comment on your beautiful blog. I can only imagine the long term effects of intense heat. It's got to be brutal. In the end, you are still a very talented baker. You have been one of the most consistent Alpha Bakers of us all. You're a true inspiration. I'm so happy that in the end you loved the cookie. Take care of yourself, Faithy.

Rachel on September 14, 2015 at 9:17 PM said...

Wow those cookies must have been spicy! I didn't dare add cayenne because I'm always getting in trouble with my family for making things too hot for them. ;)

Marie Wolf on September 15, 2015 at 1:26 AM said...

I learn so much from the other Alpha Bakers! Even the word laychay, which I understand completely.
I also love that you say what everyone else is thinking--like this is the ugliest dough I've ever seen!
I hope you're feeling better soon, and that terrible smoke/smog dissipates. I'm sure our bloggers from California and the Pacific Northwest can identify with that awfulness.

Milagritos on September 16, 2015 at 2:48 PM said...

Baking when not particularly hungry isn't fun. Complain away, we are listening! I'm glad these cookies were worth your effort, though. Well done!

phylliscaroline on September 29, 2015 at 6:31 AM said...

I had I had the same problem with my Christmas biscuits - either squashed or broken when I tried to cut in the humidity. Although I'm commenting quite late I see the haze is still bad and there is threat of suing the perpetrators. I hope you're feeling better now.


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