Saturday, August 8, 2009

Chocolate Ganache Cake (Fondant Decorated)

Chocolate Ganache Cake. I tried to make the "one-bowl chocolate cupcake" recipe into a cake but it didn't bake very well imo. The sides became hard when the centre was just nice. So i had to trim off quite a lot of the cake. Our hot and humid weather didn't harden the ganache! The ganache is suppose to set as according to the planet cake book but apparently it didn' you can see my cake is slanting to one side because i think it is melting..and ganache layers moving. The MMF became sticky in our hot weather so i had to turn on the air-con while working on it. The moment i switch off the aircon, the MMF becomes sticky again and the black food gel which i made the writings (some drawings were made by my daughter) smudged and made the sides look 'dirty' :( (sad!)... I wrote the wordings "Happy Birthday" in paintbrush..quite nice isn't it? LOL! :P Because this is a rush job, i think i didn't decorate this cake very well. I really wanted to get over and done with asap..and i was quite disappointed that my cake slanted...:(

BTW, the photos of the cake were taken before the food gel smudge....i haven't check my cake in a few maybe now it is even more 'untidy' sitting in the hot living room!



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