Monday, August 3, 2009

More Donuts

Used the donut recipe from Alex Goh's book but i don't like the 'oil' taste to it. No one is really bothered by it except me! hahahaha... I suppose everything is deep fried has an oily taste to it but since i have ultra-sensitive tastebuds and olfactory system/receptors (whatever!), i can taste & smell the oil very distinctly. I wonder if it is because of the shortening in the recipe...perhaps i should have replaced shortening with margarine instead? These donuts taste like those mini donuts that they sell during promotion in Meiyi-Da Japanese supermart..and i don't really like those either because of the deep fried oil smell. That's also the reason why i hate fried man-tou, you-tiao, butterfly fritters..etc...but with the exception of potato wedges..:P

However, the ones i made the day before with bread dough, didn't have as much oil smell as this batch. *shrugs*..



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