Saturday, February 28, 2009

Checkered Cake

This is a very tiring process..cos maybe i had to make sure i have enough chocolate & white batter for the 3 pans and also the various sections of each layer! But i am glad i finally made it. I didn't really read my instructions properly in the beginning and nearly forgot sugar! LOL! Later i added 1 cup thinking it was 2 cups but quickly realised my mistake and put in another cup in time. I didn't like how the chocolate batter didn't look 'dark' enough in the beginning and i 'cheated' by adding more cocoa powder which wasn't in the recipe..but it worked!

The original recipe called for white chocolate buttercream to cover the entire cake but i was way too tired after the layering and baking. Plus i was rushing to prepare for dinner too. So i just top it up with ganache!

Actually, i was kinna disappointed in the beginning that the cake didn't look very good when it came out of the pan on its own. However, after stacking up the 3 layers and topping with ganache, it definitely looked better! The inside of the cake looked great imho. :P Worth the effort! Taste wise, the cake is soft and velvety, not too sweet and taste just right with the ganache.

Megan's blog "Megans Cooking" provides you another way to make checkered cake without the use of the checkered cake pan set. Aunty Yochana's colorful mousse cake is also an inspiration!



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