Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mom's Birthday Cake

I wasn't sure if i wanted to bake a cake for my mom's birthday. I was searching for a good chocolate cake recipe then found a sponge-cake recipe that requires 9 egg whites and buttermilk (and i have all these in my fridge!!). So i decided to make the sponge cake since it has only egg whites, buttermilk and no butter, which is a healthier choice for my mom who is already in her 80s.

In my haste, I think i didn't fold in the flour properly and i thought i saw that the batter still have 'flour pockets' when i poured it into the pan. Also due time constraint, i didn't follow the recipe exactly and did my own frosting variation in the end. Ok ok, i admit, it didn't work really well, cos the strawberry jam didn't get absorbed into the cake (i should have cut top crust layer of the cake which i didn't..cos i wanted to assemble the cake quickly) and i also didn't wait for the cake to cool completely, so the whip cream in between the layers melted! Arggghh...it was pretty messy! I have limited time during weekdays so this is kinna like a rush job. I can work under pressure but i certainly can't bake under pressure!

However, i still managed to put the cake layers together and frost the whipped cream all around the cake. The cake is kinna lopsided though, cos some of the cream melted and flowed out from the sides making it lopsided..hahahahhaa. I piped out some wordings to say "Happy Birthday". This is my first time piping words. My handwriting is horrible, so you can imagine the piped out words were even worse..hahahahaha..but still legible la.

I told my mom about my horrible cake and that maybe i shouldn't give her the cake at all! Since it is quite a mess, maybe i should just cut the cake and eat it on my own..lol! (Seriously, i had this in mind, at least if it taste horrible, i can throw it away)! How can anyone have an ugly and horrible tasting cake for their birthday right? But my mom said nevermind, can try. Err...let's see how it goes...hahahahahaha..the cake is still in my fridge!

Here's the cake! Alas it is ok, no flour pockets BUT..you can see the layers..the cream is very very little and no strawberry jam left! Not great, but can do, i suppose. Everyone said the cake was good and ok, but i think they said it to just make me feel better! But at least my mom is happy!!



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