Sunday, March 22, 2009

Roti-Papa ("my version")

I just bought another book on bread by Chef Alex to complete my collection of all the books he has written. As you can see, he is one of my fave local chef..his recipes are all so simple and so easy to follow. The very first time i made bread (no-knead bread) was a failure, and it took so much time to 'proof' it..i got tired of even wanting to try. However, after reading Chef Alex's book, i just wanna try again cos he has 3 ways to do sweet bun breads - all with different 'proofing' period - to suit your needs (hahaha)? I didn't know what's bread improver until i got his book! So now i know. :)

After looking at his recipes, i decided to concoct my very own version of roti-papa..hahaha.. Ok..first i had a hard time kneading the take forever to knead the dough to 'elastic' kitchenaid mixer became really very HOT after an hour (i think i set it wrongly!)?! I thought my dough was gonna be messed up! I also 'cut' short the proving time since i am running short of time.. FINALLY...i top up the bun with coffee flavor topping! Baked for 15 mins (actually 10mins is enough - my buns over-baked at 15mins) at 200C.

So the verdict???? My family LOVES it! Hurray!!!! The bread however is not as light & soft as the real roti-papa la..but ok i suppose considering i didn't let the dough relax long enough and i also think i kneaded way wrongly..anyway..for first timer, i suppose 'pass'...:D



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