Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pandan Cake - *Success*!!! Yipee!

FINALLY!! I tried the recipe again and i got everything right this time! I even turn the pan upside down and cool for an hour and the pandan cake turned out really fluffy & soft! Yipee!! Finally, i got to make it right again after my last failure. I am also happy cos my son loves it! He is such a food snob..he didn't even want to try the last failed cake.. hahahaha.. this time round, he ate it without any hesitation!!

Also i cheated a bit with the flour and with the pandan juice. I used 80g of cake flour (err..that's what's left over..) and the rest i top it up with top-flour. Then i was too lazy to grind the pandan leaves for it's juice, i just used pandan paste! :P Seem to problem!

I found a site "e-how" on how to make pandan cake..the instructions pretty comprehensive but only thing is the photo uses a square pan and not the tubepan and you can find it here! Another site that provides a good recipe is Lilys Wai Sek Hong's site "Hearth And Home".

My sis just said that she tasted a bit of salt towards the end of the piece she ate! Opps! Must be the salt not evenly folded in with the flour! Cos the few pieces we ate at home was ok, no saltiness at all. Next time perhaps i gotta melt the salt into the coconut milk first so it will become evenly distributed.



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