Sunday, March 15, 2009

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

Recipe taken from Chef Alex Goh. I am upset!! The cake was gonna be almost perfect but i just had to mess it up! I was trying to take the cake out of the pan and then i used the base of another pan to prop it so it can pop out and guess what? The top of the cake got stuck to the bottom of the pan and the whole cake looks ugly now! ARGGHHHH!! This is soooooo upseting!!!!!!!!!! I learnt my lesson today, NEVER use the base of the pan to prop out soft-textured cake even if it is supposedly non-stick! The consolation is that this cake taste really soft and good and best of all it is not very sweet which i like. However, i would prefer the texture of the cake to be less moist..and not soo soft though. Hey, maybe the cake is like this cos i 'cheated' ..instead of using milk..i combinedlow fat milk & double cream (cos wanna expire already so i figured better use up some..hahahaha)...maybe that's why the texture is extremely soft.

This recipe uses only 160g cream cheese. So what to do with leftover cream cheese? i proceeded to bake another cake from his cookbook - ie, Chiffon Cheesecake! post..



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