Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake

This cake is basically quite similar to the Guinness Cupcake that i made recently except that instead of using Guinness Stout, it uses Coca-Cola. Recipe called for springform pan but i used a bundt pan instead and it worked beautifully. No problem with releasing the cake from the bundt pan. I less 10g of sugar from the original recipe and also half the icing sugar from the frosting. Also for frosting, i used dutched-process cocoa powder instead. True to the author's words, the recipe is indeed very moist and yummy. I prefer this cake than the guinness cake. Recipe can be taken from coca-cola site here and here. Another variation to the cake can also be found on Patricia Scarpin's site "Technicolor Kitchen".

This is completely cake or food unrelated but i just have to mention it cos i am burning right now! Argghh..the weather today is soooooo HOT! I wanted to make egg-tart but the weather so hot, i think my pastry will melt in just the few seconds it is out from the fridge so i rather do it another time when the sun is not so scorching hot! The butter i took out from the fridge in just a min became room-temperature! That was fast!



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