Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cookie Press

I bot a cookie press last night. I have been thinking about it a long time since last december if i should or not. So in the end, i succumbed and bought Avanti Cookie Press/Icing Set from Robinsons (actually, i preferred the Wilton Pro UltraII Cookie Press but the shops here only carry the total plastic ones).

Tried to make a batch of cookies but it was much harder than i thought! hahahahaha.. I dunno what consistency of the cookie dough to expect and struggled for a while but finally got the hang of it. But the recipe isn't that great..quite bland imo. I tried to 'jest' it up with some chocolate..in the end was ok but not what i was expecting - ie, full of buttery flavor. So i think i gotta go find another good recipe in place!

And i didn't temper my chocolate..so the chocolate not shiny at all..:P



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