Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Bowl Chocolate Cupcake & Buttercream Roses n Sunflowers

Chocolate cupcake recipe from Martha Stewart's Cupcake book..i love this book..all the cupcakes photos in her book look so delicious! The chocolate cupcake is chocolate-ty and moist and not very sweet which is what i like.

This is the FIRST time i piped roses!!! I didn't pipe the roses well..cos my hand kept shivering..LOL!.. I'll do better next time..i hope! However, does anyone know why the wilton gel color doesn't blend in too well with the buttercream and i can still see some grainy colors..(see the's more the roses than the leaves)..i wonder why? Or is it because i put too little tint since it is suppose to be red..but i put too little and it is pink? I'm very stingy when it comes to!

I piped another design on the same batch of cupcakes - "sunflower" this time!..:)

[NOTE]: Now i know why - i have to let the color rest for a while before i use the buttercream, so the coloring will be even..and will darken also after a while. :)



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