Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Back!! (from Bangkok)

Just back. Went for a short weekend holiday to Bangkok. We did nothing much there, just eat and shop. Initially this trip was meant to celebrate my sil's birthday but she wasn't feeling well and hence can't make it. :( The plane tics can't be cancelled or postponed, so we decided to just go and enjoy the weekend there on our own and mainly because my son loves to travel now. He use to hate changes in routine, but now he loves traveling which is improvement imo, since there's no fix routine when you travel. :)

I forgot to take photos of what we ate..too hungry to remember that i had to take photos before i plunge in...LOL! So here are my "damages" instead....!

Yay! I finally found the rectangular shaped silicone cake pan @ Siam i bought 2 just in case! ;p The digital weighing machine was selling at 45% lower than what i bought in Singapore! Argghh..@#(*U%#(%!!! i had to even out my cost and buy another one! Is this good logic or what? LOL! Also got the non-stick rolling mat, icing sugar shaker & tart temper. :)

Paul Frank's hoodie jacket & iPhone cases for my daughter. She couldn't join us as she is having her A-level exams now. I'm a fan of Paul Frank's monkey!

2 dresses i bought for myself. These are made by local designers. But their sizes are really small. I wear their size anyone larger than me, can't fit into their clothings..cos there's no large size. I suppose Thai girls are generally very very petite!

I bought a couple of Kiew Savoy mangos as well..Thai mangos which can be eaten when it is not ripe - crunchy & yet still sweet. Great mangos to use for Thai's Mango Salad. (no photos..)

Oh..another note, i met a very rude woman who sat next to us at a coffee place. My teenage son has typical (low functioning) autism, so although he looks normal on the outside, he has autistic behaviors which people who doesn't know what autism is but at least have common sense will know that he is some one with "special-needs". So there we were seated and my son as usual, laughed out really loud all of a sudden, flickered his fingers and made tics action. This Thai-Chinese woman who spoke very fluent English (perhaps that's why she thinks so highly of herself) went on to tell to her friend in English that she thinks my son is weird, that he laughs so scarily & loudly because he listens to music too loudly on his earphone...blah..blah.blah.. Duh...hello..we are Singaporeans and our first language is English, obviously we can understand every single word! I wanted to tell her off, but then decided against it, since we were on holiday so no point letting this woman gets us all upset for nothing. Some people think they are smart when they are actually quite an idiot.


Sarah, Maison Cupcake on November 16, 2009 at 5:58 PM said...

Fabulous shopping! We love Paul Frank monkey stuff, I have a pink tray with same monkey face on it.
Sorry to hear about your experience with the nasty lady. She is obviously pig ignorant.

Rachelino on November 17, 2009 at 4:34 PM said...

you scored on your trip faithy!
I am sorry that person was rude to you and your son. That's lame.

ButterYum on November 17, 2009 at 10:23 PM said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who brings back baking supplies when I travel!



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