Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Dinner & Cake Disaster...

Christmas Eve dinner supposedly to be at my bro's place but the day before Christmas eve, my sis-in-law called to say that she can't host as her brother-in-law (who is a pastor) has just passed away from cancer. So our family dinner was held at my sis' place instead. Usually, we would also celebrate my son's birthday at the same time. So, I baked a chocolate cake for my son and decorated with his favorite candy, M&M's all around the cake. On our way to my sis' place - bumpy ride in the car with me trying to manage the cake as well as the roast turkey - the cake slide and broke into two! Arggh...

Wanted to make Beef Bourguignon as planned but everyone in my family asked me to roast turkey instead. So i ended up making my usual stuff, roast turkey & shepherd's pie.
Roast turkey all cut up into pieces easier to eat..:) I forgot to take photo for the entire turkey. Right behind is my Shepherd's Pie.

Disaster birthday cake!
So sad..all the decorations gone..
Cake slide (i tried to put it back!) and cracked in the centre
Birthday boy doesn't really care actually..
I'm the one who's more upset since all my hard work turned into!
But nonetheless, the chocolate cake tasted great and my son loved it = he ate it! :D



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