Monday, December 1, 2008

OMG Cookies

I got this recipe from Anna's blog here and it is really very very simple and easy to make.

I realized that the cookies over tasted 'richer/heavier' and more like a cake in the center though. So, you can't eat too much of this cookie without feeling sick in the stomach (well, at least to me!). Anyway, when the cookies are baking, they do smell very good like 'Famous Amos' cookies..but after a while, i felt sick in the stomach as i do usually after inhaling too much sweet smell..LOL!

PS: Today (Dec-4) I baked the left-over dough into smaller cookies and they were better imo, crunchier which i like better and not so 'rich' tasting. However, my photog said she likes it bigger cos the sides are crustier and the center softer. This recipe can yield a lot of cookies, so can seperate the dough into half..half small cookies and half big! :)



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