Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wolfberries & Sweet Osmanthus Jelly

I came upon this book about rice dumpling while hanging out at Page One with my son on Wednesday. In it, was this recipe..yup strange..and i thought it looked simple and tried it..afterall, i was 'tempted' by Saresha with Osmanthus Jelly a few days earlier..

It's easy to do and my daughter said the texture is right (yup, she is my food critic), but i find that maybe i put too much osmanthus or what, but it is quite 'leafy'..and i had to spit some of the flowers/sprigs out. I asked the 'Master' (i try not to ask any 'Masters' unless i have absolutely no!)..and he said he uses osmanthus sugar and hence only a bit of the flowers. I have yet to find osmanthus sugar, which i think only sell at Chinatown area..cos i can't find anywhere else in town area...



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