Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cream Cheese Bun

I still have some of the coffee cream left over from the previous mexico buns i made, so i decided to do the same dough and half of the dough i pipe it out with the left over coffee cream and the other half, i will top it up with chedder cheese but for both instead of butter as filling, i tested with the cream cheese (laughing cow brand, i think - the triangular cheese!) Since it is 'testing', i put in 1/3 of the triangle cheese into each of the bun as filling! Needless to say, the cream cheese inside is good but too little in the end.LOL! Kinna like i was too stingy with the cheese filling..LOL!

I really really really like this Chef Don Yong's recipe. I used his dough recipe again and it works beautifully and my buns proved up beautifully too. The recipe is here for those of you who are keen in the recipe. I've also taken pictures of my proved buns before baking and it is..

My buns above before glazing and already proved and ready to be baked.

Below my buns with egg glaze & chedder cheese toppings:-

Buns ready to go in the oven.......

and the BAKED 12mins...

12 mins only and my buns look so 'dark'. The top looks dark but only a very very thin crust layer which is what is suppose to be. :)

Here is the inside of the bun..actually..i ate it all up and remembered i should take a photo of the inside of the that's what's left over of what i have eaten..LOL! it is..

Opps! Sorry not focus..but cos i was holding the bread one hand and taking photo the other hand. These days, my photog has 'resigned' from her post and now i have to take the photos on my own?! Anyway, see how 'soft' it looks? ..the texture looks fluffy as well? (well, it is soft and fluffy also when you eat!)

The other half of the dough - which is piped out with coffee cream on top (with cream cheese filling too)...

See how the buns piped with the coffee cream rises up much higher than the egg glazed buns? I think maybe the coffee cream conducts the heat slower (cos coffee cream gotta cook first?!) and causes the buns to prove very higher? Don't quote me ok, just my own theory/logic..LOL!

This is my 2nd time successful with bread buns. So i believe that the dough recipe is the one that gives the good results! :)



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