Monday, April 27, 2009

What I Shopped

Weather's pretty cold in Melbourne..and hence i caught a cold! Not use to such cold weather. Not a good thing to fall sick when you are traveling imo..i felt sleepy all the time when i was there (except when i saw the things i wanna buy! hahahaha..that would wake me up momentarily..LOL!) and everything i ate seems so bland. I ate a lot, more than what i usually eat when home but then i walked more than i usually walk in the entire year too!!?! Some said i lost weight - come just 5 days?!!....seriously?? But i dare not weigh myself for fear of seeing my weight plummet..cos i know i need to put on more weight as i am now way below ave bmi. Anyway..the highlight of my trip (yup..that's what kept me awake!) - the stuff i bought:-

1) mini fluted tins (no mini bundt no choice)
2) cake tester with a porcelain cupcake cute
3) ceramic pie beads
4) french madeline pans
5) pyrex mixing bowls (yup..cos they were cheap at $11!)
6) a set of teapot with teacups & 'cupcake' tea-strainer from T2
7) pie bird (i dunno if i am gonna use it..but it was cute so i bot it!)
8) cream horn moulds
10) bundt pan (cos it is like half price of what's selling here!)
11) pretty pink apron with matching tea towels
12) mini cookie cutters (really mini mini)
13) red silicon spatula that can withstand heat up to 350c
14) wilton cake lifter
15) digital timer
16) digital thermometer
17) meat thermometer
18) measurement chart conversion cum cutting board
19) cupcake cases (pretty colors & cheap!)
20) lock & safe's cupcake/sheet-cake plastic container (the ones selling here has missing cupcake attachment)
21) whole nutmegs (yup.. now i can grate the nutmeg like i see the chefs on tv!! )
22) poppy seeds
23) nestle cooking chocolate
24) vanilla bean paste
25) australia organic sea salt (no fleur de sel)
26) koko black chocolate truffles
27) sleeper earrings

I think that's about son got a couple of toys - Mr Men series - at $5 per set and Shrek toys also at $5. And I saw a couple of things that i like but i can't carry them back! Really pretty cupcake/cake tier cake stand/holders, glass cake dome set, huge pizza baking stone, dutch oven, cookie sheets...and many more ...all at really great prices, but i can't carry them back cos just too heavy! :(



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