Sunday, April 19, 2009

French Macarons

I finally made a batch of successful french macarons!!!! See that pretty little 'feet' there! LOL! After failing 2 times, my 3rd try i finally got it right. The 1st time i tried many months back with David Lebovitz's chocolate macaron recipe, i whipped the egg white too stiff. The 2nd time, i put way too much coloring! Ya, the recipe at Tartelette said..2 tb of powdered food coloring..when i added 2 Tablespoon ( too much coloring!! Terrible.. in the end it is quite inedible with so much coloring imo!

Finally..i remembered i had the book Just Dessert by Chef Daniel Tay, the owner of Bakerz Inn and i followed his recipe through and through..and i got it right!! Yipee! I think his recipe is made more for our hot and humid weather and hence the whipped egg whites can hold better. I was ecstatic when i saw the macarons "feet" coming up while they were in the oven. :) However, i don't know if it is my oven or the instruction on book is wrong cos the timing in the oven was way too long imo and my macarons burnt a bit..(see the dark brown - suppose to be pink! - first tray). Then i adjusted the baking time and it became slightly better..(see the lighter brownish pink..second tray). And finally i got it right by adjusting my oven temperature and also the oven setting...and see that pink! Yup..the pink from the third and final tray! Oh yes, the colored powder, you need only just a few drops imo.

Here is quite a good video of how to bake french macarons but it is in french, i can't understand what the french chef is saying (my friend is going to ask her husband who is french to translate for me as soon as he is back from his business trip..hahahaha...and to give me his french macaron recipe too!! :D ).. but i learnt a good tip of how to moist the macarons and to lift them up from the parchment paper! I like his method!

Here's the video, i don't how how to embed it here is the link:-
and the french chef is quite handsome!

More macaron recipes from and there is a recipe and also links to others who has their version of macaron recipes. And introduction to macarons by - a good reference guide! :)



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