Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crumble Buns

The half of the left over dough (from the cinnamon buns) i used it to make crumble buns from the same book. I didn't know if i did the right thing or not cos it is not the type of bun that i am used to seeing here in our country imo - or could be i don't eat enough to know though..:P. Anyway..i tot i did something wrong cos the buns not very sweet and the toppings i dun even know if i got it right. So i didn't take any photos plus it was late at night, already 11pm by the time my buns were out from the oven! However, this morning when i brought the buns to work for my breakfast, my boss saw and said these are like his fave "coffee-cake" buns from Starbucks in US (he said they don't sell the buns here though). So i offered the buns to him lor! What can i say? LOL! At least a confirmation that i did the recipe right!! Hahahahahaha! Next time got ang moh type of cake/bread i not sure must ask my boss to try so i know if i got it right or not..hahahahahaha

Photos tonight (i hope there are buns left for me to take photos with)!



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