Saturday, May 9, 2009

Coffee Macarons

Second batch of macarons that i made today. Coffee macarons with white-chocolate-coffee ganache. To give the macarons coffee flavor, i added 3 tsp of instant coffee powder & 1 tsp of coffee paste. White chocolate ganache with 2 tsp of instant coffee powder to give the white chocolate coffee flavor and ended up with not just coffee taste but also a tinge of toffee taste.

I find that once you get the 'hang' of making macarons, it is not too difficult actually..just know the right consistency of the macaron batter, everything will turn out well. The only thing is i am still bad with the some of my macarons are big and some are small.. hahahahaha...but the funny thing is despite all the uneven piping i still can 'match' the!

Basic white chocolate ganache and basic macaron batter can be found at Tartelette's blog.

PS: These coffee macarons are instant hit with everyone..everyone likes the coffee macarons better than the orange ones, including me. Normally i like orange-flavored anything but some how when i ate them both side by side, the coffee ones stands out better. I guess i didn't put enough orange flavor to the orange time i'll trying adding a bit of orange essence and see if that improves it.



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