Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Feather Light Cheesecake *success*

*FINALLY*..i got it right! Yipee!! But i tweak the recipe a bit.. i realised (that's the only reason left imo!) that i have to cook the cheese and milk till roux like..but to be safe that it is thick enough, i added 20g of cornflour. I also added 20g more sugar cos there isn't enough sugar imo - not sweet enough. Oh yes, i forgot..because i used low-fat milk i added another 10g of butter.

In the end, the cake turned out well..and i cooked it quite long..1 hr 30 mins in total and it is still moist but acceptable compared to the other 2 failed cakes before.

I'm too lazy to type out the entire recipe....so check out Wen's Delight for the recipe.

BTW, has anyone noticed that the Philadelphia cream cheese is not 250g as what is stated on the box?! I measured it is only 225g (and i measured with the foil packaging not the box though)?!! Hello..! what happened to the balance 25g of cheese then? My friend said the 250g includes the measurement of the box! Izzit? I thought whatever product should be measured by the product only and not the packaging too!



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