Friday, May 22, 2009

Gateau Therese Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake (Gateau Therese) recipe from "The Sweet Life in Paris" by David Lebovitz. This is his latest book which i bought recently. I was reading page 35 and there right in front of me the recipe calling 'bake me..bake me'.. David Lebovitz said Madame Therese Pellas uses Lindt chocolate to bake this amazing cake ..AND..i have 2 bars of 300g each semi-sweet Lindt chocolate in my 'snack' pantry..:p so why not bake it now and i'm free now...

This recipe uses only 250g of chocolate..and yup..that 50g is in my tummy right now..hahahaha.. i'm a it is pretty hard to resist good chocolate and i have to admit that i eat them daily without fail! :o The excuse i give myself is that at least i get my caffeine fix from chocolate only.

My cake cracked on the i am not too sure if it is suppose to be that way (like pound cake) or i did something wrong and it sanked in the middle after cooling off in the pan! LOL! I think i must have over-whipped the eggwhites.. Since i just signed up for a twitter account, I tweet David Lebovitz but no response from him. Maybe he thinks i am asking him a stupid question..hahahaha... oh well..nevermind, as long as the cake taste great, who cares if it cracks/sinks on the top or not! :)

Oh yes, the cake tastes extremely moist, chocolaty & delicious despite being quite ugly looking (so never judge a cake by it's look?!!?)! ..;p!

Come to think of it, this cake recipe is kinna like the Japanese Cheesecake, so i should have known and whipped the eggwhites to soft peaks so it doesn't rise and sink!

[may 23] bake again today and whipped the egg whites to soft peaks. the cake rises and sink evenly and not as bad as before. Also, i made a cut on the cake before it rises, so that it 'cracks' nicely and! ...also true to his words, the cake taste better the next day - actually it taste like chocolate pound cake to me (almost like sarah lee pound cake but with massive dose of chocolate!)



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