Sunday, May 10, 2009

David Lebovitz's White Chocolate Ice Cream

White chocolate ice-cream recipe ...yup..from The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. It's really really good!! I highly recommend anyone who loves to make ice-cream get a copy of his book..(btw, i am not promoting his book for him, but it is a very good book imo)..but i have made 3 ice-cream recipes from this book of his and got fantastic results! All 3 ice-cream i made from his recipes has very smooth & creamy finish, imo better than store bought ice-cream. Normally i am not a fan of white chocolate but for this, i am totally bowled over. Amazing.

I have no time to type out the recipe, but you can find a version of David Lebovitz's white chocolate ice-cream in

I didn't use Valrhorna white chocolate, just ordinary Cadbury's Dream and i have such great result. Just wondering if i should try it again with Valrhorna white chocolate.

[Note : May 14]:  I finally did another batch of ice-cream with Valrhorna white chocolate. With Cadbury's Dream, you can't really taste the white chocolate but more creamy and vanilla.  With Valrhorna, the chocolate melted easily (yes, the Cadbury's Dream took a long time to melt!) and the ice-cream tasted more white-chocolatey flavor, ie, you can taste the white chocolate in the ice-cream.  So my verdict: both equally yummy but with different taste, so largely depends on what you like. 



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