Sunday, May 17, 2009

Feather Light Cheesecake *failed 2x*

Opps..i forgot to take photos of my failed cakes. I was so fedup that i threw them in the bin! LOL! I failed the first time round doing it and then i re-did it and failed again. I wonder what's wrong cos i hardly get it wrong the second round!

The recipe "Feather Light Cheesecake" is from Chef Alex Goh's Fantastic Cheesecake. I tried 2 of his cheesecake recipes in his book and they both turned out great. However, this one really gets me..i don't understand why after being in the waterbath for an hour, it is still undercook and wet inside, but when i use a wooden stick to test the cake, it came out clean! I tried it the second time round thinking it could well be the waterbath that is making the cake wet, so i did it with the cake out of the waterbath, but it still didn't work and my cake cracked on top. However, i must say it did look better than the first cake which collapsed to like 1 inch..hahahaha....but still when i cut open, it is still very wet inside. Is it meant to be like this? I don't really know but i doubt so because the photo in the book shows a very light and dry textured cake.

Could it be cos i didn't cook the mixture thick enough? That's the only reason left, if anything. I'll try it again next time round..and if it failed 3x, i think there is something wrong with the recipe then! Till then...



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