Sunday, May 10, 2009

What's For Dinner?

I cooked my own mother's day dinner and!...

Like my mortal & pestle? It's very heavy!! But I have another bigger one inherited from my's a block of rectangular stone with a pin-like stone and that's very very very heavy..that if i ever drop it on my foot, i think it will crush the bones on my foot!! The process of making sambal...yup..i'll thought i be 'hardworking' and pound my sambal instead of using the food processor. But in the end, it was so boring and tiring that i got my domestic helper to pound instead....;p

Normally, i don't blog about what i cook for dinner (this blog here is more of a diary for me so i can remember what i baked before and what i did wrong/right..), but since it is Mother's Day today, so i'll do something different? Also i forgot it is Mother's Day today and i bought all the stuff to cook for dinner instead of 'relaxing' on with it.... here's what we had for dinner..

Sweet Sambal Eggs..the sambal a bit similar to the nasi lemak type of chilli sauce. 

Sambal Prawns..everyone said it is yummy..dunno if it is mother's day and they all making me happy..hahahaha

Stir fry vegetables. I don't know what these tiny vegetables called though..anyone know?

That's what's for mother's day dinner tonight.  

Next Dessert - white chocolate ice-cream - really good!



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