Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday Cake

I baked a birthday cake for my husband today. I realised the heating of my oven is not very even ... and i have to rotate the pan half way through and still couldn't get it all even out and i realised too that my oven is not very big cos it can barely fit 2 9-inch pans..*sigh*... My boss recommended Miele brand of oven which he said is the best..i went to check and you know what? The cheapest Miele oven is around $4k..hahahahaha...way beyond my budget liao!
The butter cake texture is really good, soft and buttery. Pink frosting is too sweet imo. I don't like it cos it is too sweet for my liking and i didn't even put the stated amount of icing sugar!

{The Next Day} I really can't stand the i scraped off all the icing (except the center portion between layers) and now i think the cake taste soooo much better! I don't understand how this icing can be sold as part of a cake and people still like it (so the book say..)! I like the cake with a bit of icing in the centre which blends in quite nicely. BUT, too much of it, just too bite and i feel like i am gonna be diabetic! I made this cake cos i like the 'pinkness' of photog said and i quote "it looks like a 'barbie doll cake"! LOL!



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