Wednesday, January 28, 2009

French Chocolate Macaroons *looks:failure, taste:success*

HAHAHAHAHA..i wanna laugh, cos these macaroons looks horrible but taste very very good! Extremely delicious despite the horrible look of my macaroons! Probably also i used dutch-processed Hershey cocoa powder, which is very difficult to find here cos everywhere is only selling the normal Hershey cocoa powder and not the dutch-processed ones (i dunno if it makes any difference but all the ang moh chefs in their recipes always say use dutch-processed ones lor..even Chef Anna Olsen from Sugar). Anyway, I got my recipe from Chef David Lebovitz and in his blog/recipe said he took like 7 tries before finally getting it right. So this is my first time, what's more he's a professional chef, so if he takes 7 tries, i think i need 70 x 7 tries before getting it right!! LOL! Well, the good thing "whatever mistake it is still a delicious mistake" (quote: by Chef Michael Smith!) and this is so true! :D I think i probably used too much egg whites..i wanted to finish my egg whites quickly, so instead of 2 egg whites, i used 4 egg whites and over-beat it till extremely!

Photos coming right up..



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