Saturday, January 3, 2009

Coconut Macaroons

Recipe taken from David Lebovitz. I happened to stumble upon his blog when i goggled "what do do with leftover egg whites" (Yup! I have a bunch of them from making ice-cream). He is a professional chef and also has his own cookbooks. I like his posting on his blog. Ok..i have to admit that my macaroons doesn't quite look like his because i used 'sweetened coconut flakes' whereas his recipe called for the unsweetened ones..

I found a similar receipe also from Anna Olsen - i like to watch her show Sugar. Always inspire me to bake whenever i watch her shows!

Anna on Vox also has her link to Martha Steward's recipe..i have yet to try hers and maybe i should since i still have tons of egg whites left! I haven't the guts the try angle food cake yet though..:P..maybe i should and that will use up all my eggwhites!



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