Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Snow (Ice) Skin Mooncakes w/ Custard Fillings

When Christine tweet her new blog post on Ice-Skin Mooncakes with Custard Fillings, i knew i had to try it. She made it looked so simple in her photo-step-by-step recipe and they looked deliciously good too. I like mochi and i like custard. Since i don't really fancy the traditional lotus paste ones, so i decided to try making some before mid-autumn festival is over on Sat (i think..:p).

I ran out of condensed milk so i replaced with milk and more sugar. I added a piece strawberry in the centre of the custard fillings since i still have tons of sour strawberries in my fridge..lol! I like the taste to it, but i think my custard is not sweet enough & not smooth enough, i should have added more sugar & cook it instead of steaming it (i think cooked custard has a smoother texture - imo). Otherwise, i like the overall taste to it. Taste more like mochi than usual snow-skin to me and i love anything mochi. :))

I dont have a mooncake mold, so i followed Christine's advise and used a cookie cutter instead. :)

*Note1: used plain flour instead of stated wheat flour: texture more like mochi which i really like*
*Note2: tried again with wheat flour/starch but do not like the texture: it's more chewy & stretchy but it is not as pillow soft as the ones made w/o wheat flour/starch*



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