Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marshmallow Cake

Original recipe "Strawberry Marshmallow Cake" is from Baking Mum and her recipe link here.
I couldn't find any strawberries in the supermarket and ended up with mango instead. So ended up changing the base to Oreo cookie base, mango and pineapple jello.

Seriously, the cake scores better in looks. Although many said they love this cake (strawberry version, but i don't think the strawberry makes any difference to the overall taste of the cake), I find the "marshmallow base" lacks taste and in fact is rather bland - doesn't taste as good as mousse and it is far from being an ice-cream. Perhaps a bit more marshmallow or a bit more sugar might help *shrugs*. I'm actually quite disappointed with this cake cos it is a cake that doesn't really stands out. Don't be mistaken, it tastes ok but there's nothing to shout about cos there's nothing distinctive about the cake. I would take any mousse-cake or cheesecake anytime over this cake.

Not my cup of tea..or shall i say cake..



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