Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Short Holiday: Taipei

I like their red-bean dessert with all the sago and the Q-Q bubbles..yummy!

I love this ice-cream - Fuji-San icecream. It's sold everywhere and it has this unique taste - not the usual ice-cream texture, but it has creamy yet Q-Q texture to the icecream..and i really like it. Yes, anyone can guess, i love anything that has Q-Q texture to it..LOL!
I had this ice-cream almost everyday when i was there..hahaha

Look at the slab of carrot cake!

Macarons i ordered at Maxim's @ Tapei 101.
They are really sweet - Vanilla, Raspberry & Chocolate .
Do they look like the ones i make? ;)

I'm fascinated by how this guy can create all kinds of characters with caramelized sugar...

bicycle for rent?

Taipei 101 - supposedly the tallest building in Taipei?
Dunno..if it is still the tallest now though...

That's my son and me & right behind us is Taipei 101 (that tall building).

Sunset at Taipei airport.
(Bored nothing to do..waiting to board the plane..)



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