Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cinnamon Raisin Bun

I was really upset today...supposedly have dinner with a relative but i was in no mood and condition so i went back home and decided to bake cinnamon raisin bun instead. I made the sweet bun dough using Chef Alex's Sponge & Dough Method. It took a longer time but i wanna see what's the difference with the 'longer' proofing time and it if does make any difference. Also, i hand kneaded the bread dough too..btw, kneaded bread dough is a good way to vent out any anger and frustration! lol! Chef Alex didn't have the recipe for cinnamon raisin bun so i had to search other books for the filling..and managed to find one that i think i like.

I really thought i made a mess..look at the shape of the buns! Seriously..after proofing, the buns got larger and became huge..hahahaha..and plus i didn't roll the buns well and cut them quite unevenly too..quite ugly looking imo...BUT thankfully they turned out to be delicious!! I was soooo relieved, that despite failing in the 'looks' department, at least i scored taste wise! hahahaha... And also the sponge and dough method really makes the bread fluffy and light, so much better than the earlier bread (roti-papa) i did! :) So the hard work pays off..:D

My friend, MH said that i should put the buns in a square tin close to each other so that the buns will not lose their round shape (like mine which is out of shape!) when proofing. Such clever idea! I learnt something from her today! Next time try again and hopefully will score better. :))



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